Jeremy Thiel and Carey Kepler have been in the gym business for 13 years. At a time when so many gyms are shutting their doors, and owners are leaving their passion in the fitness industry for a "real job" to pay the bills — Jeremy and Carey's gyms are GROWING. They are seeing explosive gross in a city with countless fitness facilities. How?

  • They are deeply committed to their community and dedicated to serving their community.
  • They have created a system that combines crucial 21st century technology and new recovery methods with their tried and true functional training program. 

How this journey began . . . 

Three years ago Jeremy was at his lowest point to date. His body was overtrained and under-recovered, he had two gym splits in one year (cutting his client base by over 100 athletes overnight), and he was raising two children under the age of 5 with his wife. In short, he was burnt out.

However, service, fitness and changing people's lives for the better has always been his passion. It was what he and his sister Carey were created for. There had to be a way through. There had to be a way up from the bottom and a way to continue impacting people's lives. They began their research.

They found Wim Hof and breath work and got certified. They went to a XPT training and learned about sauna and cold immersion therapy, Jeremy discovered Heart Math and became a certified teacher, and in 2018 they plugged into a missing piece — adding wearable tech to their arsenal to track their data, improvement and make adjustments.

Each time Jeremy and Carey tested new methods and found a positive impact in their personal health they implemented it into their gyms and offered the service to their clients. Over the course of three years they tested, edited and ultimately found something that worked, something that thrived. Not only have they seen dramatic change in their personal health and wellness, their clients are also seeing these same benifits. Their new program is a complete wellness protocol for their athletes that includes fitness, nutrition, recovery, resilience and supplementation.

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a Weekend Retreat of Education and Implementation for Gym Owners
This camp is only open to 6 gym owners

Interested in the next Resilience Camp? Email Nicole Hughes, for more information.

Learn from Jeremy and Carey, who have successfully run their gyms for 13 years.


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