Jady Griffin: Enduring Service

Jady Griffin's story strikes us as one that is constantly forging forward. Jady and his wife had moved to Seattle to build a church community. At first, it was hard to break through certain barriers, but through relationship building, intention, and persistence they were able to create a solid and supportive community. It would have been easy to stay in that place and continue building upon their powerful community. But Jady and his wife, almost simultaneously and unbeknownst to them, both had a strong feeling that they needed to move, and build a new church community. So they did. They started again from scratch, building relationships and bringing people together. Jady has faced many challenges through his work, and personal life, but he continues to move forward. 

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Your Heart is a Super Organ

by Jeremy Thiel

Your heart is a super organ. It not only pumps the blood of your body, it is a semiconductor of all love and vibration via God, and the intentions you place in it. It is managing the energy of your being!

Mindset Tips from "Chop Wood Carry Water" 
Guard your heart from what you...
1. Watch
2. Read
3. Listen to
4. Who you surround yourself with
5. How you talk to yourself
6. And what you visualize with your heart

dis·cour·age·ment: disˈkərijmənt/
1. a loss of confidence or enthusiasm; dispiritedness."do not give in to discouragement"

en·cour·age·ment: inˈkərijmənt,enˈkərijmənt/
1. the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

Carey Kepler: Designing a Life

Carey Kepler is back. The first time we had Carey on the Amplify Podcast we heard a lot about her background and her achievements (CrossFit Games competitor, Ultra Marathon Runner, Iron Man, business owner...). This time we wanted to know how Carey has managed these achievements and what it took to stand on the podium time and time again. Carey discusses the difference between setting a goal and setting a goal with a declaration of intention. She shares what happens when she hasn't been consistent, and even things that have come to pass in her life that were placed on a vision board years prior.

photo by Brandon Wells

Listen: Top 5 Amplify Podcasts from 2016

We officially kicked off the Amplify Podcast in June 2016 and have loved every second we have spent in this new venture. Our podcast has hosted some incredible guests in 2016, we are incredibly honored that each of them took the time to share their story and lessons learned. 

The Amplify team is just getting started, we can't wait to light up 2017! Check out the top 5 most listened to podcasts in 2016.

Paul Carrozza: Pioneering a Fit City

Paul Carrozza has been an integral part of making Austin a fit city. In 1988 Paul opened his first shoe store, RunTex, in Austin, Texas. This shop would grow to become the nation's largest exclusive running store. At a time when marathons weren't appealing to the general population, Paul and his wife Shiela created the marathon and half marathon scene in Austin, Texas. Paul was the shoe editor for Runner's World and served on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Needless to say, Paul has been a major influencer in the Austin fitness community, and nation-wide. In this episode Paul shares stories of his success and challenges in business, and what he believes is the future of fitness and retail.

Win The Day

Jeremy Thiel talks habits, rituals and setting up a mantra for 2017. Our mantra for the new year is Win The Day. We are focusing on three areas each day, that if we conquer, we win the day.

Ready to create your
mantra? This episode will help you choose a mantra that will inspire you to carry out a powerful year.

Eddy Patterson: Success is a Journey

Eddy Patterson has been an entrepreneur since he was a kid. His Mom would say he was "knocking on neighbor's doors selling rotten tomatoes." He has also always been a hard worker, working from age 13. These traits would serve him well in his career as the co-founder of Stubb's Legendary Bar-B-Q. In this podcast you will hear about Eddy's roots, his story, and how Stubb's became the beloved Bar-B-Q sauce, Bar-B-Q joint, and live music venue we all know today. You'll also hear about Eddy's newest entrepreneurial adventure, Eberly — Austin's hottest new restaurant. 

Mike and Lindsay Rosenthal: Championship Family

Mike played in the NFL for eight years and included a trip to the Super Bowl with the New York Giants. Lindsay was a standout volleyball player at Notre Dame. They met their sophomore year and connected over shared values. Today, these incredible and talented individuals are busy working and raising their four kids in Austin, Texas. Their most recent project is one that will make a powerful impact in the Austin community. In 2018 they will open the doors to an athletic complex in Southwest Austin that will include football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, an Olympic-sized pool and so much more. In this episode they share the important lessons they are passing on to their children, what sports mean to their family, and what we can expect from their new athletic complex.

Jeremy Thiel: Set the Table

In this episode Jeremy Thiel asks you to examine how you spend time through the holiday season. Perhaps you eat a little more and drink a little more on Thanksgiving Day, maybe it's your treat meal for the week. But what if you approach the day and the weekend a little differently this year. What if you fill the weekend with intention and set the table for goal setting? What if you use Thanksgiving weekend as a catalyst to launch a powerful 2017? Jeremy offers insight and helpful tools to make this the best holiday season and year yet.

Jason Wallace: Control is an Illusion

The first 25 years of Jason's life were golden. Success and accomplishment seemed to follow his every move. Jason was a star football player, he was a leader in school, he was musically talented, he played football at Stephen F. Austin, he qualified for Mensa, and he traveled the world. Naturally, Jason expected greatness to follow his continued hard work.

However, when Jason turned thirty the life he knew changed entirely, the next ten years would prove to be incredibly challenging. Jason's Mom developed breast cancer. His wife went into preterm labor at 24 weeks with their twin sons. The boys were born weighing 1.5 lbs. each, their lives hung in the balance between life and death. The years that followed were physically and emotionally difficult, and the care of their sons consumed them. Over the next few years Jason took on several entrepreneurial start up ventures that didn't make it. Due to medical bills and being out of work, Jason had to declare bankruptcy. Jason and his wife walked several friends through divorce, family members passed away, the challenges continued to accumulate.

Today, a little over ten years, later Jason said he and his family are having their best year yet. How did they face their struggles? How did Jason pull through the tough times, even when he felt helpless? In this episode Jason shares his journey from living a charmed life to living through a decade of intense challenges, and coming through the other side. Hear about the lessons he has learned and what he intends the next decade of his life to look like.


Jason on Instagram: @livebreathnow

Top photo by Sean Wary Photography

Note: We has a bit of technically difficulty with the audio in the first eight minutes of the podcast. We had to record over one sentence post-interview.

Mac Richard: Eternal Service

Mac Richard: Eternal Service

In this episode you will hear Mac share how he became a pastor, how he started Lake Hills Church, and how he is spreading a message of service, leadership, and love. Mac also discusses Spur Leadership, an organization founded in 2009 that has impacted thousands of leaders from all corners of the country through conferences, professional development luncheons, and networking events. Mac is impacting young men and women, entrepreneurs, and leaders across the nation.

Geoff Woods: Relationships of Intention

Geoff Woods: Relationships of Intention

Geoff Woods knew that he wanted to wake up one day owning a business that delivered massive impact and provided a seven figure earning for his family. When he examined the five closest people in his life that he went to for guidance to help him obtain this goal, he realized that none of them were where he wanted to be. It was that moment that Geoff realized he needed to seek out relationships of intention rather than relationships of circumstances. 

Joah Spearman: Be Willing to Take a Job

Joah Spearman: Be Willing to Take a Job

Joah has had an incredible career path. He was a speech writer for the director of FEMA,c o-founded an experiential marketing agency, created and ran a sneaker boutique in Austin, worked for a top tech company, and in 2013 Joah and his friend Chase struck out on their own to build a platform to help travelers to experience cities like locals. Joah has been named one of the Top 10 Black Innovators of 2014, named Emerging Business Leader of the Year in 2013 along, and has been a four-time finalist for Austin’s Under 40 Awards.

Jay Papasan: Play Beyond Your Skill Level

Jay Papasan: Play Beyond Your Skill Level

In 2004 Jay Papasan and his wife desired financial freedom. At a time when their combined income didn't add up to $100,000, they set a goal to become millionaires in ten years. They created a plan to reach their goal and worked toward it. In that time Jay became an entrepreneur, an investor, a cofounder, and a bestselling author with Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams Realty International — the world’s largest real estate franchise. 

Lindsey and Daniel Crouch, Guiltless Superfoods: A Better Way to Live

Lindsey and Daniel Crouch, Guiltless Superfoods: A Better Way to Live

Daniel Crouch was a personal trainer who had struggled with strong negative reactions to grains and sugar for years. His wife, Lindsey Crouch who was a personal chef at the time, was determined to find a way to help him. They eliminated many things from their diet and saw great results. But after a few years they missed some of their favorite comfort foods. And even their favorite gluten free "cheat meal" was still full of yeast and grains that left them feeling less than great. They wanted to create something that didn't simply replace grains with another starch - they wanted to create something that was nutrient-dense and full of high quality protein, fiber, and fat...

Miguel Garza, Siete Foods: Building a Family Business

Miguel Garza, Siete Foods: Building a Family Business

Within three years the Garzas have gone from peddling their products around Austin in zip lock baggies to selling their products in over 400 stores. On this episode Miguel shares how Veronica's personal experience and incredible determination was turned into what is now known as Siete Foods. Miguel also shares how they have grown their business, the importance of hiring great people, and where their company is heading.

Kara and Erin: Friendship Turned Entrepreneurship

Kara and Erin: Friendship Turned Entrepreneurship

While living in Hawaii, Kara and Erin (friends since Junior High) experienced Açaí for the first time. It was the perfect option to nourish themselves after a day spent surfing and being active. When the pair moved to Austin post-college they immediately fell in love with the city, but quickly realized something was missing - the Açaí bowl they loved so dearly. They decided to find a way to fill that need, soon after Blenders and Bowls was born.