Miguel Garza, Siete Foods: Building a Family Business

In 2004 Veronica Garza was diagnosed with multiple debilitating autoimmune conditions. She decided to adopt a low-inflammation, grain-free diet to help alleviate her symptoms. Veronica began seeing results, but she found herself missing tortillas, a staple in her Mexican-American family's food culture. She decided to solve her own problem, Veronica got in the kitchen and began testing recipes.

After trial and error, she created a delicious grain-free tortilla and began sharing them with friends and family. Upon hearing the positive feedback (and consistent reorders), her little brother and the youngest of the Garza siblings, Miguel Garza, knew they had a business on their hands. Soon after, Siete Family Foods was born.

Within three years the Garzas have gone from peddling their products around Austin in zip lock baggies to selling their products in over 400 stores. On this episode Miguel shares how Veronica's personal experience and incredible determination turned into what is now known as Siete Family Foods. Miguel also shares how they have grown their business, the importance of hiring great people, and where their company is heading.


Siete Foods
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