Lindsey and Daniel Crouch, Guiltless Superfoods: A Better Way to Live


Daniel Crouch was a personal trainer who had struggled with strong negative reactions to grains and sugar for years. His wife, Lindsey Crouch who was a personal chef at the time, was determined to find a way to help him. They eliminated many things from their diet and saw great results. But after a few years they missed some of their favorite comfort foods. And even their favorite gluten free "cheat meal" was still full of yeast and grains that left them feeling less than great. They wanted to create something that didn't simply replace grains with another starch - they wanted to create something that was nutrient-dense and full of high quality protein, fiber, and fat.

After trying many different things, Lindsey had a divine epiphany - "use seeds" as the base. Lindsey got in the kitchen and worked to create a flour made of non-gmo chia, golden flax, pumpkin, poppy, sesame, hemp and sunflower seeds
— Guiltless Superfoods was born. Their journey is one that is full of hard work, consistency, and faith. On this episode they share their insights as a business owners and partners and, their successes and the challenges they have faced.


Guiltless Superfoods
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