Daron K. Roberts: From Harvard Grad to NFL Coach, and Lessons on Life's Pivot Points


Daron K. Roberts attended high school in East Texas, graduated from the University of Texas, went on to Harvard Law School, and in his third year at Harvard he decided to become an NFL coach.

Daron wrote letters to college and NFL teams seeking a position. After 31 rejection letters from the NFL, an opportunity came through. The Kansas City Chiefs offered him an internship. Daron graduated from Harvard and headed to training camp to blaze his new trail.

His work ethic is incredible. Daron has been featured in ESPN the Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek and Sports Illustrated. He is a contributor to Forbes.com, and his articles have appeared in The Dallas Morning News, Fortune, Houston Chronicle, Texas CEO Magazine and Time. After spending seven years working as an NFL and college football coach he transitioned to becoming a lecturer at the University of Texas, and founded the Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation (CSLi). He has successfully navigated major pivot points in his life, and now he is helping others by inspiring their transitions. 


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photos courtesy of Daron K. Roberts