Carey Kepler: The Mind of a Champion


Carey Kepler is a repeat CrossFit Games competitor, an Ultra Marathon Runner, and an Iron Man. She is a wife, mother of two, and a business owner. For over a decade Carey has helped thousands of people live their best life. She is an expert in goal setting and developing the proper mindset to make a powerful impact. 

Those who know Carey, know that she is always up for a challenge. She is the kind of person who decides to take on a 50 mile run because her friend asked her if she wants to join in the fun. Carey consistently looks for ways to push herself, and push those around her, because she knows the reward is worth the journey. And more often than not the journey . . . and the lessons learned . . .  is the reward.

Carey is a champion. In this episode she shares her story of becoming a competitive athlete, the lessons she believes are important for her children to learn, and her journey of balancing a full and active life.



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