The Iceman

by Jeremy Thiel

I first heard of Wim Hof in April of 2014, two years ago when he was traveling across the US. East Eastside Austin Elite hosted him to a breathing seminar for $750.00 dollars. At the time I laughed and said who would pay that much to learn how to breathe? Who's laughing now...... 

Fast forward to April of 2016 I was throwing around the idea of diving into the Wim Hof method when Coach Teo Ledesma said we were starting the 10 week course no options......I was in. I dove head first into researching and practicing as much as possible, to learn the science and the method. My results have been amazing to say the least. I am more grounded and clear minded in my adult life than ever before. This is a physical manifestation of mind and body. I have grown deeper in my relationship with God and grown closer to the people around me by being present, and I am no longer driven by my nervous system. 

I have never been able to shut my mind off for extended periods of time. Practicing the Wim Hof method and applying cold water has been a game changer in my personal and professional life. I have dedicated this year to deep practice of the method and sharing it with my community in Austin, Texas, and at large. 

Welcome to the party! Let me know if you have any questions. I have listed the best resources to get started. 

  1. Vice Documentary
  2. Tim Ferris Podcast
  3. Dr Rhonda Patrick
  4. Joe Rogan Podcast
  5. Download App, Inner Fire by Innerfire B.V.
  6. Wim Hof 10 Week Course
  7. Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Tim Ferris Show


photos via Wim Hof