Zach Even-Esh: Excellence is the Only Standard

Zach Even-Esh was working as a 5th grade teacher when he tore his ACL. That moment changed his career. He knew that he didn't want any kids or athletes to experience the pain of training so hard and then getting injured, and missing out on opportunity. In that moment Zach decided that we wanted to change and positively impact kid's lives. While working around his teaching schedule, obtaining his masters degree, and training Zach began to create what would become Underground Strength Coach. He worked tirelessly, hustled, and poured everything he had into going after his dream. Zach taught himself how to promote and market using online tools like YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. He leveraged everything he did and to this day is consistently putting in the work to get young athletes results.

Zach is one of the most authentic people we have ever met. He is genuine and one thing is for sure - you won't outwork him. In this episode learn how Zach left his job as a teacher to pursue his passion, how he went from starting a business in his parent's garage to owning three gyms, creating and selling products online, and impacting young athlete's lives.