Brian Mackenzie: The Cutting Edge of What's Next

Brian Mackenzie is an outlier. He has been a key player in revolutionizing the way athletes train and perform for over a decade. Brian has coached elite level athletes including Olympic Gold Medalists, Big Wave Surfers, and CrossFit Games Champions and he continues to push the boundaries of what's possible. Brian's recent endeavor, XPT - Extreme Performance Training - is what's next in the fitness industry.

Together, Brian, Laird Hamilton, and Gabby Reece founded XPT. It is the first ever complete fitness lifestyle system. In this episode Brian shares his journey of innovation and creation. He shares how XPT came to fruition and how their team delivers a lifestyle program that incorporates components of body, mind, and spirit and has the power to offer long term results.


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Brian MacKenzie Instagram: @iamunscared


photo of Brian Mackenzie by Chris Bishow