Jason Wallace: Control is an Illusion

The first 25 years of Jason's life were golden. Success and accomplishment seemed to follow his every move. Jason was a star football player, he was a leader in school, he was musically talented, he played football at Stephen F. Austin, he qualified for Mensa, and he traveled the world. Naturally, Jason expected greatness to follow his continued hard work.

However, when Jason turned thirty the life he knew changed entirely, the next ten years would prove to be incredibly challenging. Jason's Mom developed breast cancer. His wife went into preterm labor at 24 weeks with their twin sons. The boys were born weighing 1.5 lbs. each, their lives hung in the balance between life and death. The years that followed were physically and emotionally difficult, and the care of their sons consumed them. Over the next few years Jason took on several entrepreneurial start up ventures that didn't make it. Due to medical bills and being out of work, Jason had to declare bankruptcy. Jason and his wife walked several friends through divorce, family members passed away, the challenges continued to accumulate.

Today, a little over ten years, later Jason said he and his family are having their best year yet. How did they face their struggles? How did Jason pull through the tough times, even when he felt helpless? In this episode Jason shares his journey from living a charmed life to living through a decade of intense challenges, and coming through the other side. Hear about the lessons he has learned and what he intends the next decade of his life to look like.


Jason on Instagram: @livebreathnow

Top photo by Sean Wary Photography

Note: We has a bit of technically difficulty with the audio in the first eight minutes of the podcast. We had to record over one sentence post-interview.