Michael Cazayoux: Brute Strength



Michael Cazayoux is a three-time CrossFit Games competitor and a two-time CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champion. He is the Cofounder and CEO of Brute Strength, a company that offers customized programming from elite coaches that helps people reinvent the way their body moves, feels, and looks. The Brute Strength competitive roster includes incredible athletes like Brook Ence and Jared Stevens, and professional soccer player, Ciaran Nugent to name a few. In 2017 the Wasatch  Brutes won the CrossFit Games affiliate cup. In this episode Michael shares how he created the Brute Strength platform and what they are currently working on. He also shares his personal challenges along the way including his battle with drug addiction as a teenager and how he moved from athlete to entrepreneur.

Aaron Davis: Greater Than Winning


Aaron Davis is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), USA Weightlifting-L1 Sports Performance Coach, USA Level II Track and Field Coach, CrossFit L1. He has 10 years experience coaching athletes and teams. Aaron is passionate about understanding health, sports performance, and helping people. In this episode Aaron shares how his company, Train. Adapt. Evolve. came to be, heart rate variability, stress, and more.

Garrett Salpeter: The Health Engineer


During his senior year at college, Garrett tore ligaments in his wrist from an ice hockey injury. He was told he would need surgery and would face at least three months of recovery. Garrett decided to meet with an acquaintance that was using (at the time) an obscure electrostimulation device to see if that could help. His ligaments healed in two weeks. A lightbulb went off. Garrett went on to pursue his engineering masters degree at UT, but that lightbulb moment stayed on the forefront of his mind. He decided to apprentice with a functional neurologist while working toward his degree. This decision allowed Garrett a way to transition from an engineering career path to neurological fitness. Shortly after, NeuFit was born. In this episode Garrett shares how the team at NeuFit use their technology to help people reduce pain, build muscle, improve performance, and help the body heal from injury and improve function. 

Laura Brady: Make History

Laura Brady is the Founder & President of Concierge Auctions, an international luxury real estate auction firm. In only eight years, she drove the firm to a billion dollars in sales. Laura has been profiled by CNBC Money, Bloomberg, the Today Show, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, among others. She has been named “One of the 100 most influential people in real estate” by Inman News for the past three years and her company is included in Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies in America. 

Logan Barton: Whatever It Takes

Logan is active duty Navy for 11 years, a husband, a father of 3 and a CrossFitter. He is the founder of MadFitter, the co-founder of ReadyMade Gear, and has a patent pending jump rope system. Logan is an entrepreneur and a perpetual learner. In this episode he talks about how MadFitter got started (spoiler alert: the company didn't start out making kettlebells), what he has learned over the years, and what is next for himself and his brands. 

Chad Vaughn: Simplify Your Focus

Chad Vaughn is a champion. He is a two-time Olympian, a nine-time National Champion, and a mulit-time International medalist including the overall gold medal at the 2003 Pan American Games. He held an American record in the Clean and Jerk for ten years, a record that was just recently broken by a seventeen year old. In this episode Chad shares his journey from a young teenager lifting under his parent's carport to the competing in the Olympics. He also describes how he helps his athletes focus and the origin of his drive for excellence.

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Peter Keller: Leading the Garage Gym Movement

Peter was a successful VP but he felt unfulfilled. In 2010 he took a hard look at his life to determine what he wanted for himself and his family, and what his legacy would be. Peter decided that in order to be world class at anything, he needed to be truly passionate about what he was doing. Peter set out to start his own company, known today as FringeSport. In this episode Peter shares the lessons that he has learned as a business owner and leader, the example he is setting for his daughters, and the latest project that his team is working on.

The Kales: Find Your Reason

Trevor Kale, Chief Engagement Officer at Springbox, and Martha Lynn Kale, owner of Mirror Mirror in Austin, Texas and MarthaLynnKale.com, live a full life managing full time careers, running a business, and raising two active young boys. In this episode they share the story of how Martha Lynn took the leap from working in the advertising industry and earning a stable paycheck to selling her car, clocking in and clocking out at beauty school, living with her Mom and hustling on the side in order to go after her dream of opening a salon. Martha Lynn and Trevor also share how they find balance, the importance of adding value and giving their clients an incredible experience, leadership, developing their teams, supporting each other and so much more.

Aleks Rybchinskiy: Connecting the Human Anatomy

For over a decade Aleks has healed clients by applying integrative and holistic therapies. He is a Neurosomatic Therapist, CHEK certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and Level III CHEK Practitioner. Daily, Aleks helps people address a multitude of challenges ranging from weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, and chronic pain to physiological imbalances, TMJ, carpal tunnel, headaches/migraines, and much more. In this episode Aleks discusses how connected and intricate the body is, how we store emotions in our muscles, how modern technology is impacting our body and so much more.



Wes Hurt: Living CLEAN

In 2007 Wes Hurt created one of Austin's iconic food trucks, Hey Cupcake! They experienced incredible success and often had long lines of people waiting to taste one of their delicious creations. During this time that Wes's addiction to drugs and alcohol became insatiable. Daily intake of opiates, crack, and alcohol thrust him into deeper dependence and darkness. Wes was in and out of rehab, went to jail, and was ultimately fired from his role as CEO of his own company. His relationships were deteriorating, trust with loved ones was breaking, and suicide entered his thoughts. Early one morning Wes was lying on the concrete floor in an abandoned warehouse when his heart began to flutter in an eery and alarming way. That moment was his rock bottom. For the first time he thought he his addiction would take his life. He called his wife and she told him to come home. Through grace, and the love and support of his family Wes began a new life. 

Today he is three years sober. Wes has restored his relationships and is a father to a little boy and one on the way. He also created a new company, CLEAN Cause. Their products include premium purified mineral water and organic energy drinks. Not only are the delicious, they are support an amazing cause. Fifty percent of their profits support individuals in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. CLEAN Cause has awarded over 41 scholarships so far this year and are on a mission to give 130 scholarships. 

Gilly Smith: Women Who Desire More

Gilly Smith is the creator and founder of Femme Royale, an expression, a lifestyle for women who desire more. Femme Royale was born in 2013 from Gilly's determination to stand up for what she believed in and empower women to do what they were told they couldn't. Gilly and her team hold competitions across the country for women, sell awesome and stylish apparel year round, and have begun offering women's only retreats in the Caribbean. In this episode Gilly shares how she took the leap into entrepreneurship and her advice to other women wanting to follow their dreams.

Ready for a challenge? How about a 1000 Rep Challenge! For eight weeks you will build a base to support 1000 push-ups in one day. This is an exercise in discipline and consistency to build character. Over 600 people have committed to this challenge and are seeing amazing results!



photos courtesy of Gilly Smith

Brian Schoenbaum: Wake Up

Brian Schoenbaum is the founder of Vuka, a community hub in the heart of Austin, Texas, that provides curated space for people to gather, connect, and create. Through his companies (Vuka Austin, Wake Up Co., and Impact Hub Austin) Brian and his team actively work to support people in being dynamically fulfilled either personally, professionally, or both. During this episode Brian talks about how connection and relationships have been key in his journey and the importance of intention.




photos via Brian Schoenbaum

Emilio Palafox: Empower People to Evolve

In 2016 Emilio left a prominent position in the oil and gas industry to follow dreams and create a coaching business to help others through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual quadrants of life. He is a high-performance coach for high-performing individuals. human potential development. Emilio is a Bulletproof coach, HeartMath certified, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Practitioner, and My Brains Solutions Leadership Assessment Coach. His vision: Millions of vitalized, presence-centered people, consciously living their value-aligned dreams. His Mantra: Empower people to evolve. In this episode Emilio discusses how to create harmony in your brain, heart, and gut, how to be present, and much more.

Kyle Maynard: Stretch Your Comfort Zones

Kyle Maynard is best known as a motivational speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and ESPY award-winning mixed martial arts athlete, and is known for becoming the first quadruple amputee to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Aconcagua without the aid of prosthetics. Kyle is truly a phenomenal individual. He is relentless in his pursuit of greatness and inspires people every day to pursue their dreams, despite any challenges or obstacles. In this episode Kyle discusses how he prepared for climbing Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua, what sources he plugs into for development, his greatest challenge, and more.

Dan Martell: You are Your Community

At seventeen years old Dan Martell was involved in a high speed police chase. He crashed into the side of a house and when he went pull out the gun that was in the car, it got stuck. The next day he woke up in a jail cell, sober. Dan decided that if he could be given the grace to get through that time, he would dedicate his life to giving back and not wasting it. After serving his jail time Dan was sent to rehab, it was during that time that he discovered computers, programming, and the internet. Since that time he has built five software companies and invested in thirty-four companies. Dan is passionate about living life and helping entrepreneurs! In this episode he discusses the important of making connections, leveraging your time, the power of creating healthy habits, and more.

Steve Liberati: It started with a Kit & a Kid

In 2007 Steve Liberati created a healthy on-the-go clean eating option called the PaleoKit. Today there are countless paleo and clean eating options, but in 2007, when CrossFit was in its infancy and the paleo lifestyle was not common, there were very little options. Steve was the first to market, he was passionate, and was on a mission. His company, Steve's PaleoGoods, was birthed from the need to find an easy, healthy and portable food solution for the at risk kid's he was training at a local park. He wanted something that they could take to school, so he packaged beef jerky, nuts and berries to stay fresh in their backpack - also know as the Paleokit. Even though the company has grown to 60 products represented across the nation, Steve is still passionate about helping at-risk youth through fitness, nutrition, and leadership. In this episode you'll hear Steve share his story of how Steve's PaleoGoods and Steve's Club became an internationally known brand and mission.


Steve's PaleoGoods: stevespaleogoods.com 

Steve's Club: stevesclub.org

Jefe Greenheart: A Positive Media Movement

Jefe Greenheart is a talented and passionate filmmaker. He has developed, created, and collaborated on many incredible projects and worked with giants in the industry including SXSW, ACL Music Festival, Wanderlust Festival, Lollapalooza, and so many more. Years ago Jefe decided to follow his heart and spend his time on Earth to create a positive media movement, and he is doing exactly that. Jefe and his wife are actively creating community through the things they love — being active, being outdoors, traveling, inspiring play, and inspiring creativity.



Circus Picnic: circuspicnicstudios.com
Mr. Greenheart's Treehouse Pilot: MisterGreenheart.com

photos courtesy of Jefe Greenheart


Jady Griffin: Enduring Service

Jady Griffin's story strikes us as one that is constantly forging forward. Jady and his wife had moved to Seattle to build a church community. At first, it was hard to break through certain barriers, but through relationship building, intention, and persistence they were able to create a solid and supportive community. It would have been easy to stay in that place and continue building upon their powerful community. But Jady and his wife, almost simultaneously and unbeknownst to them, both had a strong feeling that they needed to move, and build a new church community. So they did. They started again from scratch, building relationships and bringing people together. Jady has faced many challenges through his work, and personal life, but he continues to move forward. 

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Your Heart is a Super Organ

by Jeremy Thiel

Your heart is a super organ. It not only pumps the blood of your body, it is a semiconductor of all love and vibration via God, and the intentions you place in it. It is managing the energy of your being!

Mindset Tips from "Chop Wood Carry Water" 
Guard your heart from what you...
1. Watch
2. Read
3. Listen to
4. Who you surround yourself with
5. How you talk to yourself
6. And what you visualize with your heart

dis·cour·age·ment: disˈkərijmənt/
1. a loss of confidence or enthusiasm; dispiritedness."do not give in to discouragement"

en·cour·age·ment: inˈkərijmənt,enˈkərijmənt/
1. the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.